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Eid ul Adha Prayer methods in Urdu

Eid ul Adha Prayer procedure: Eid ul Adha prayer is one of the special festival occasion prayer. Always Panchagama ( 5 waqt) prayer is most easy to remember than the Eid prayer (Namaz) because of often confusion that how to perform Eid ul Adha prayer with Eid ul Adha ki namaz ka tariqa.

Eid ul Adha Prayer procedure

Steps of how to performing Prayer:

Eid ul Adha prayer is of Salah 2 rakat. Here difference between Eid prayer & other prayer of two rakat is the main important to note that, number of Takbirs.

Takbirs is word in an arabic i.e, Allahu Akbar should tell by raising your hands near to ears.

1st Step: Intention of doing 2 rakat behind Imam for Eid prayer with 6 Takbirs.

First Rakat

2nd Step: Before starting Quran there will be 3 Takbirs ie., Allahu Akbar by raising hands to the ears. After the 3rd Takbir put your hands on the chest (right hand on top of left hand).

3rd Step: Recite Surah Fatiha and then any other Surah. tell Allahu Akbar go into the Ruku (bowing position), tell Sub-hana rabbi-al Azeem ( 3 times).Stand now & say Sami Allahu Liman Hamidah, Rabbana lakal Hamd.

4th Step: Later tell Allahu Akbar go into the Sujud, two prostration like Sub-hana rabbi-al Aala (3 times) as in normal way of prayer.

Second Rakat

5th Step: After Surah Fatiha with any other Surah, before Ruku there will be 3 Takbirs as Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar by raising your hands to the ears. Then go into Ruku, Sujud same as above.

6th Step: Lastly you sit for Complete Tashshahud (Attahiyat, Darood-e sharif, Quood) ends the prayer with face turning right side first saying Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah again turn left side the same.

Eid ul Adha Prayer procedure in Urdu

Eid ul Adha Prayer

Prayer for Eid procedure watch here

Eid ul Adha Talbiyah- Tasbeeh

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