Eid al-Adha Bakrid Date, Reason, Procedure, why Stoning of Devil on Hajj time

Eid al-Adha 2018 in India

Eid al Adha is a Islamic Festival & also known as “Festival of Sacrifice” celebrated worldwide every year. i.e.,also called as Eid Ul Ajha, Eid Ul Zuha, Muslim embrace and exchanging greetings with each other like Eid Mubarak, gives Gifts and Visits one another Houses for greeting with Eid Ul Ajha Mubarak Wishes with special messages and distributes Qurbani meat for poor needy, relatives and friends. After distributing family members have a delicious Biryani, Khurma, Kufte,Haleem and sweets.

Starts in the evening of 21st August 2018, Tuesday and ends Wednesday evening 22nd August 2018.

Date may or may not vary.

Reason of Celebrating Bakrid

It Honors that the willingness of Ibrahim (Alaihasalaam) to sacrifice his son an act of the obedience to God’s Command. Actually God provided a male goat to sacrifice instead, Ibrahim hasn’t the male goat so, he sacrificed his son. An account of this , an animal is sacrificed (Qurbani). Eid al Adha Celebration

How to proceed Eid al Adha Qurbani

An male goat animal is sacrificed and divided into three parts

  • First part of the share is given to the poor needy persons
  • Second part of the share is given to the relatives, friends & neighbors
  • Third part lastly retained by the family members.

When does Eid al-Adha Comes

In the Islamic Lunar Calendar: Eid al Adha starts on the 10th day of Dhu al-Hajjah.

Why does Stoning of Devil during Hajj rites

Command of God upon hearing Ibrahim prepared Ishmael (Alaihassalaam) to submit as to Will Of God. During the preparation of food, Shaitan (Devil) tempted Ibrahim & his family members by trying that not to sacrifice his son out of god’s command.

At that time Ibrahim drove shaitan away by throwing pebbles at him. By this in Commemoration of their rejection of Shaitan , stones are thrown at the symbolic pillars during the Stoning of the Devil at the Hajj rites.

Did Ibrahim sacrificed Ishmael???

When Ibrahim attempted to cut his son’s throat on Mount Arafat, he was astonished to see by his son was not harmed. Ibrahim had passed test by his willingness to carryout Command of the God.
Eid al Adha is a Sacrification of Animals, instead.

Ibrahim had shown his love for God. God ultimately prevents the sacrifice, additionally signifying of one should never sacrifice a human life i.e., not & never in the name of the God.

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