July 28th | World Hepatitis Day

Hepatitis an Inflammatory condition of Liver

Prevention of Children from Hepatitis | Read more

Hepatitis an Inflammatory condition of Liver. Liver is very important organ in our body’s functioning. Hepatitis is a disease in which number of liver cells destroyed by our own immune system.

Liver Functions like:

  • Breakdown of carbohydrates, fats & proteins.
  • Filteration of toxins

Hepatitis an Inflammatory condition of Liver

Hepatitis transmit from mother to newly born baby, its a Virus type like A,B,C,D, & E seen amongst children.

Hepatitis Symptoms are:

  • Fever,vomiting, yellowing skin & eye.
  • Stomach Pain, Jaundice & Dark urine.
  • Children are affected with kidney failure, Hemophilia from Hepatitis-C.

Hepatitis Causes:

  • Intake of Contaminated foods, water, fruits & Vegetables.
  • Eating food without washing hands.

Hepatitis Prevention:

  • Vaccination is given for children 12 to 23 months, by a second shot at after every 6 months.
  • No Vaccine for Hepatitis-C.
  • Vaccinating infants at early stage for preventing Hepatitis-B.
  • Proper healthy lifestyle habitats prevent Hepatitis-E.

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