Nutritional Tips for Healthy Living

Healthy Tips

Healthy Tips of Ayurvedic Care

Cracked Heel

Healthy Tips; Applying castor oil on cracked heels cure it in few days.

Morning Sickness

Taking roasted cardamom powder 500mg mixed with honey 2-3 times a day which prevents vomiting sensation during pregnancy.


Take some roasted black gram [chana] reheating fry pan & just smell it. Relieves cold & sneezing instantly.

Abdominal Pain

Take 20-30 mint leaves & 250 ml water boil it until remains 100 ml. Add some salt & drink it for instant relief.

Dengue Fever

Eating raw onionĀ  mixed with jaggery increases platelets & helps to cure dengue fever.


Eat apple, sprinkled with salt empty stomach in the morning.

Putting one drop honey in opposite nostril of headache works wonder.

Drinking milk mixed with clove powder & salt relieves instantly.

Drink warm water with lemon, if headache is caused by gas/acidity.


Chew a small piece of ginger.


Drink Carrot juice.

Hair Graying

Apply onion paste before taking bath.

Running Nose

Inhale eucalyptus oil from hanky.

Bad Breath

Keep a piece of cinnamon in mouth.

Chapped Lips

Apply butter mixed with saffron for soft & pink lips.

Knee Pain

Eat 2-4 walnuts empty stomach in the morning.

Menstrual Pain

Drink cold water mixed with 2-3 lemon juice.

Skin Issues

Apply raw potato juice for sunburn, boils,wrinkles…


Massaging with mixture of cow’s ghee & sendha namak [rock salt] helps to cure urticaria.

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