Cancer Researchers Wins Nobel prize for Cancer Treatment Medicine

Cancer Researchers Wins Nobel prize for Cancer Medicine Cancer Researchers Wins Nobel prize: American Scientist James Allison and Japanese Scientist Tasuku Honjo discovers a new approaches of harness the immune system against the Cancer cells and won 2018 Nobel prize for Medicine or Physiology. Two Immunologist discoveries of cancer immunotherapy by the inhibition of negative […]

Science Says Peanuts Kill Sadness

Science Says Peanuts Kill Sadness Science Says Peanuts Kill Sadness. Had a busy day? Or an unexpected bad news? Just relax for some time and have peanuts! Peanuts are known to improve the mood and even fight depression. Here’s how. The best way to cure depression or sadness is to have a good sleep. People […]

July 28th | World Hepatitis Day

Prevention of Children from Hepatitis | Read more Hepatitis an Inflammatory condition of Liver. Liver is very important organ in our body’s functioning. Hepatitis is a disease in which number of liver cells destroyed by our own immune system. Liver Functions like: Breakdown of carbohydrates, fats & proteins. Filteration of toxins Hepatitis an Inflammatory condition […]

Suffering from Irregular Periods | Home Remedy

Solution for PCOD, PCOB Irregular Periods: Almost all Every women Suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD). Eating Disorders like Weight gain or Weight loss ,thinness & obesity both causes Menstrual Cycle  can become Irregular or may disappear. so, here are the ways of natural items available at home. Onion, old Jaggery for irregular periods Cut […]

Why Your Grandma Restricts while breast feeding a Baby

Ayurveda breast feeding management Breast Feeding Baby: This is only possible way in Ayurveda. Know why your grandma restricted many things when you are feeding a baby. Here is a Ayurvedic method to know the milk quality. Breast feeding is nectar for baby. sometimes mother’s milk also causes health issues in baby. we can check […]

Positive Energy Booster Plants in Your Homes

5 Amazing Plants That Attract Positive Energy Positive Energy Booster Plants in Your Homes are here: Aloe Vera, Holy Basil, Money Plant, Peace Lily & English Ivy. Aloe Vera Keeping Aloe Vera in home will bring positive energy as well as good luck. Holy Basil [Tulasi] This amazing plant attract positive vibes & eliminates the […]

Nutritional Tips for Healthy Living

Healthy Tips of Ayurvedic Care Cracked Heel Healthy Tips; Applying castor oil on cracked heels cure it in few days. Morning Sickness Taking roasted cardamom powder 500mg mixed with honey 2-3 times a day which prevents vomiting sensation during pregnancy. Cold,Sneezing…. Take some roasted black gram [chana] reheating fry pan & just smell it. Relieves […]

Benefits of Sambrani Mokka (Brami)

Healthy benefits of Sambrani Mokka Brami Medicinal Plant i.e., Sambrani Mokka contains Becasaids which acts as energy booster medicine for the BRAIN.  This Sambrani Mokka is well known as Brain-Medicine, by 6th sense called as BRAMI. How Brami Medicinal Plant works for Children’s Brain Sambrani Mokka leaves Strengthens, Sharpens and Activates the Brain for the […]