Why Your Grandma Restricts while breast feeding a Baby

Breast Feeding Baby

Ayurveda breast feeding management

Breast Feeding Baby: This is only possible way in Ayurveda. Know why your grandma restricted many things when you are feeding a baby. Here is a Ayurvedic method to know the milk quality.

Breast feeding is nectar for baby. sometimes mother’s milk also causes health issues in baby. we can check here

Breast Feeding Baby: Suits or Not | check

* Add 1-2 tsp mother’s milk in a  full bowl water, if immediately milk gets mixed with water then milk is best suitable for baby.

* While testing if milk fragments in water then it is infected with AIR elements. Causes constipation, less urination, makes baby weak & baby isn’t satisfied.

* While testing if milk forms yellowish line then milk is infected with Pitta. Causes bloating, gas/acidity, sleeping disorder,thirstiness & other PITTA related issues.

* While testing if milk settles at bottom then milk is infected with KAPHA. Causes excess sleeping & less activities, cough, cold, fever, headache etc.,

* Breast feeding Mom should follow a proper diet & lifestyle which helps to maintain her milk quality best suitable for baby.

* Frequently switching breast while feeding to baby causes many kinds of health issues.

* Before feeding squeeze out some milk as feeding with filled breast may cause vomiting, gas, cough, fever etc.,

Breast Feeding Mom Be Aware

  • Breast feeding mom should avoid dry foods, corn, vinegar, millets, sour foods, fasting, anger, mourning etc., as it decreases milk production.

Alternate Energy Booster Milk for Baby

  • In case of absence of mother’s milk,replace with cow’s milk or goat’s milk which is lighter & easy to digest.

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