Benefits of Sambrani Mokka (Brami)

Healthy benefits of Sambrani Mokka

Brami Medicinal Plant i.e., Sambrani Mokka contains Becasaids which acts as energy booster medicine for the BRAIN.  This Sambrani Mokka is well known as Brain-Medicine, by 6th sense called as BRAMI.

How Brami Medicinal Plant works for Children’s Brain

Sambrani Mokka leaves Strengthens, Sharpens and Activates the Brain for the Children.

Steps to prepare a Medicine

Take a Bowl, add 2 tsp of Ghee, Sambrani mokka leaves,add little water let them to boil untill it becomes crispy & filter the decotion in a bottle.

Medicine may cures

  • Feed this decotion for the children daily to clear the brain problem,they starts walking & improves the memory power.
  • It clears the IBS , Irritable Bubble Syndrome.
  • Alsimar disease (mathi marpu) in childrens fails to identify a specific thing, this difficulty cures by sambrani mokka decotion.Leaves are scientifically called as Mandu Kaparni.
Brami Medicinal Plant
Brami Medicinal Plant

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